E-bike Cost Calculator

Compare E-bike v/s Petrol Bike Cost

Enter e-bike parameters like bike life, purchase cost, battery cost, electricity cost, etc. Also enter petrol bike parameters and compare cost per km and Total cost over lifetime of both the bikes. You will notice that ebikes will be much lighter on the pocket compared to petrol bikes due to lower cost of electricity and maintainence. Ebike is an investment that will keep saving your money as much as you use it. So don't worry and go ahead and book your Transcent ebike today!

Enter details in the calculator below:

Cost per Km

₹ {{(daily_usage*30/ebike_range*ebike_fuel_cost*1.44*ebike_life*12)/(ebike_life*daily_usage*365)|number:2}}

Total Cost in {{ebike_life}} years

₹ {{(ebike_cost + ebike_battery_cost*ebike_battery_refills + ebike_maintenance*ebike_life*12 + (daily_usage*30/ebike_range*ebike_fuel_cost*1.44*ebike_life*12))|number:0}}

Cost per Km

₹ {{(daily_usage*30/petrolbike_avg*petrolbike_fuel_cost*petrolbike_life*12)/(petrolbike_life*daily_usage*365)|number:2}}

Total Cost in {{ebike_life}} years

₹ {{(petrolbike_cost + petrolbike_battery_cost*petrolbike_battery_refills + petrolbike_maintenance*petrolbike_life*12 + (daily_usage*30/petrolbike_avg*petrolbike_fuel_cost*petrolbike_life*12))|number:0}}

Daily Bike Usage

km per day

Bike Purchase Cost

₹ electric bike cost
₹ petrol bike cost

Bike Life

years (ebike)
years (petrol bike)

Bike Average (or Range per Km)

ebike km per 1 unit electricity (or 1.44kwh)
petrol bike km per litre

Fuel (or Electricity) Cost

₹ per electricty unit (1 kwh)
₹ per litre petrol

Monthly Maintenance Cost

ebike ₹ per month
petrol bike ₹ per month

Battery Cost

ebike ₹ per battery
petrol bike ₹ per battery

Number of Battery Replacements in {{ebike_life}} years

ebike battery replacements
petrol bike battery